GEG and OnDemandHEALTH

OnDemandHEALTH, from Global eSolutions Group, is based on a suite of open-source Healthcare Integrated services:

Clinical (click here for more information)
• Hospital Information Management (HIM)
• Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS)
• Financial
• Supply Chain Management (SCM)
• Business Intelligence (BI)
• Document Management Imaging (DMI)

Benefits and Features of OnDemandHEALTH
• Complete system for hospitals, clinics and single physician practice
• System allows for a total paperless operation
• Solution is 100% patient focused
• Ease of use
• 100% security for patient information based on HIPAA requirements
• Centralization of patients’ health records
• Hybrid ASP model
• Improvement of quality of care
• Privacy issues easily addressed
• Accessibility anywhere, anyplace, anytime
• No repeating testing. No repeating shots

Why OnDemandHEALTH?
Open Source: Because OnDemandHEALTH is based on open source it allows you the flexibility and freedom to modify the application based on your individual business and medical needs

Flexibility: there are multiple delivery service models which allow you to have the software as a service ASP hosted model. In some cases, such as large hospitals and clinics, a localized hybrid model may be the required as well. These service options allow you as the client to leverage our technical support through our managed services. One-stop-shopping for security and reliability.

Centralized Database: Integration of business functions into one centralized management application. It also allows for geographical redundancy -- you can rest assured your information is safe, secure, and accessible any time.


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