Global eSolutions Group and OnDemandCARE

GEG is a business dedicated to changing the current paradigms of Health Information Technology. GEG offers the full functionality of large hospital scale Electronic Medical Record solutions and end to end paperless environments to individual practitioners, at a price that any health care professional can afford.

We are changing the way traditional medical records are used by giving the patient the ability to review their own records, enabling medical practitioners’ access to these records regardless of location, and all the other advantages in offering a comprehensive system via the Internet. Our company is working to become the infrastructure backbone of an Electronic Medical Record network that will encompass all medical information globally. It is by this effort that the efficiency of current modern medicine can be improved into true 21st century medicine.

GEG offers your medical facility an integrated solution – a suite of services designed to help you grow your company by addressing all of your electronic data storage, tracking, and retrieval needs.

OnDemandCARE is an unmatched solution offering a safe, easy, cost-effective solution ideal for communicating medical information. Based on the open source healthcare integrated technologies.